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CSD trials expand from Emerald to Swan Hill

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jan 05, 2018

Just as the cotton growing area has expanded in 2017, so too has Cotton Seed Distributors’ trial program. With more than 125 trials being conducted by CSD’s Extension & Development (E&D) agronomists this season, the trials program collates important crop data from across the industry – from Emerald in Central Queensland, through to Swan Hill just over the Victorian border.

With the cotton industry continuing to expand into new regions and interest in dryland cotton increasing, CSD have increased the number of dryland trial sites this season, to almost 30. A further 98 irrigated trials are also being conducted by the E&D team.

The majority of both the dryland and irrigated trial sites are large scale variety trial sites, planted with commercial farm equipment to reflect normal farm conditions and practices. The information gathered from these trials is used to assist growers and agronomists with cultivar selection for their local conditions.

The E&D team are heading into the fourth season of the CSD Ambassador Network program, a collaboration with growe...
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