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Cotton RDC delivering

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Dec 26, 2017

St George cotton grower Cleave Rogan (pictured) attended the conference in his (then) capacity as CRDC vice-chair and says the conference highlighted that we are in good stead with the research we are investing in and researchers are taking lead roles in their organisations to deliver to growers and industry.

“Having been involved in research for a long time, I was expecting it be a good conference, and it was a great conference,” Cleave said.

“What really struck me were the young career scientists who are capturing opportunities in their research careers and are now taking a lead role in cotton research, they are outstanding.”

CRDC-supported PhD students also presented their research, which was another highlight.

“I was at the last world cotton research conference in Brazil and saw our researchers there presenting, and some younger researchers doing PhDs presenting on the world stage, which was so fantastic, therefore a highlight this year was seeing those students again and how they have progressed with their research projects.

“There were such a wide variety of projects and the plenary sessions were exceptional, there was so much depth in their presentations which went across their research and also drew on decades of research collaboration.

“Seeing the breadth and support of research investment from all investors, also gave a holistic context to research across the industry.”

Cleave said from both a board member and grower perspective, the networking opportunities were many, including at the dinner. “I would definitely recommend this conference to those with a passion for research, innovation and science. With this and the Australian Cotton Conference, we have two exceptional opportunities to learn more and use the research to become better growers,” Cleave said.

“This whole event was a credit to the committee, it was really well done.” The next conference will be held at UNE in Armidale in 2019.