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Ag News

Chinese delegation interested in "Red Cattle"

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Nov 02, 2017

Following enquiries to Droughtmaster CEO Neil Donaldson by Frontier International, the McConnel Family from Mt Brisbane Droughtmaster Stud near Esk kindly agreed to host a Chinese delegation who are customers of Frontier International, a company which exports large numbers of cattle to China and other countries. Traditionally, thousands of dairy cows have been imported into China, but they are now moving towards importing beef breed females to join in China, with the progeny... going into their feedlots.

The delegation, led by Ben Clifford from Frontier, included Ding Jin who is the Vice General Manager of Beijing Xiong Te Animal Husbandry and Alex Sicong Wang who is manager of the Intel Trade Department for that company. Newly appointed General Manager of Food Leaders Australia, Bruce McConnel, was also present as well as the new General Manager of the Santa Society, Stephen Ware.

The delegation was interested in looking at red cattle, particularly Droughtmasters, so the pen of young bulls, weaner steers and newly joined maiden stud heifers presented by the McConnels fitted the bill perfectly. Don McConnel had kill sheets and photos of both grassfed and grainfed Mt Brisbane cattle to show to the group.