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Central Victorian Livestock Exchange over halfway

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Jan 11, 2018

Central Victorian Livestock Exchange over halfway done. See picture

Once complete it will cover 30,000m2

About the CVLX:
At present, livestock sales for the Central Victorian region of Victoria are conducted at the Ballarat saleyards in Latrobe Street, Ballarat.

These saleyards have been operating since the 1860’s. Facilities are aging and conditions no longer meet modern safety, animal welfare and environmental standards required in today’s industry.

The CVLX project will provide a new, modern facility to replace the Ballarat saleyards. It will accommodate annual throughput of 70,000 cattle and 1.6 million sheep and will improve the safe movement and handling of livestock on sale days.

Features of CVLX will include:
  * An efficient layout which will improve the process of livestock penning, identification an...
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