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Burder AgAttachments success story

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Dec 29, 2017

Dealer: Burder AgAttachments
Established: 1991
Branches: VIC – Head Office (Wangaratta); WA; TAS; QLD
Specialise in: Manufacturing and wholesale importing and distribution of forklifts, loaders and tractor attachments to four core markets – horticulture and viticulture, dairy, earthmoving and transport.

Burder AgAttachments, a family-owned front end loader manufacturer, was founded in 1991 with just five people and has since expanded to over 60 employees.
In recent years Burder has moved from being a traditional wholesaler/manufacturer of front end loaders to one of Australia’s most diverse shortline equipment suppliers. Thanks to the introduction of complimentary product lines, the company has been able to increase its offerings to its four core markets with products like custom trailers, trenchers and tractor attachments right through to more specialised, bespoke projects.

At the core of Burder’s approach are five S’s: sales, sourcing, supply, servicing and support.

“Our five ...
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