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BlockGrain announce partnership with Back Paddock

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Jun 26, 2018

BlockGrain and Back Paddock announced a strategic partnership to provide farmers and their consultants with a suite of software products that extend from pre cropping all the way through to post harvest storage, contracting and logistics management.

The partnership will see a joint marketing effort to promote BlockGrain’s suite of mobile applications to the current 10,000 farmers using the Back Paddock platform.

The companies will collaborate to deliver farmers, brokers and consultants a complete platform that will manage the complete cropping cycle for farmers all across Australia.

“Back Paddock is an exceptional business that has delivered state of the art software to agronomists and farmers for many years. This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity for BlockGrain to add value to their current customers.”

“By bringing these two platforms together, we are able to provide exceptionally detailed data to farmers and their consultants in relation to margins, productivity, pricing and yield”.

About BlockGrain
BlockGrain​ is an Australian agriculture and blockchain based supply chain solution that is disrupting the agricultural supply chain post harvest. With a suite of mobile applications, BlockGrain is tracking grain from paddock, through the storage and supply chain all the way to the end user. The core objective of BlockGrain is to return value to farmers. BlockGrain is currently in the last two weeks of their token sale

About Back Paddock
Back Paddock System is a next-generation Decision Support System designed to integrate the perpetual Farm Production Cycle within a structured business development framework for both agribusiness’ supplying products and services to the Australian agricultural industry and the professional farm businesses. The system has far-reaching scope across the entire supply-chain, providing enormous potential for the consolidation of information for financial and technical analysis.