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Big numbers at Bendigo Sheep and Lambs

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Aug 06, 2018

Bendigo Sheep & Lamb 06/08/18

Lamb yarding numbers lifted to 28,000 but mainly through store lambs coming out of a dry Riverina. Quality was very mixed again but the lead drafts presenting very well. The trend for the day was $5-$8 cheaper.

Elders yarded 10,000 store lambs which weighed mainly between 15kg-32kg live weight and making between $30-$120, lines went local but mostly moving south.  

Heavy lambs-$210-$255 $7.70-$7.90c/kg, $4-$5 cheaper
Heavy Trade Lambs-$190-$210 $8.00c/kg, $8.20c/kg $3-$5 cheaper
Trade lambs $180-$200 $8.00c/kg-$8.20c/kg, $5-$8 cheaper
Sucker lambs $140-$180 $8.00c/kg-$8.20c/kg
Merino lambs- $80-$111 $6.50c/kg-$6.70c/kg quality was mixed up to $20 cheaper

Sheep numbers lifted to 9000 and weights ranged from good to plain. An increase of plainer types coming in caused the market to ease up to $10

Crossbred Ewes $115 -$134, $10 cheaper.
Merino Wethers $80-$120, 10 cheaper
Merino Ewes $99-$124, $10 cheaper.  
Lighter end sheep $85-$99, $10 cheaper.

For any more info please contact
Lachlan McAllister
Livestock Agent- Elders Bendigo