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Bendigo Sheep and Lamb 14/5/18

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • May 15, 2018

Lamb numbers remained similar at 13,000 and quality was mostly good. The trend for the day was firm to dearer on good lambs. Elders offered a good run of lambs out of the Riverina which ranged from 24kg-36kg averaging $167.50.
* Heavy lambs-$165-$220 $5.80-$5.90c/kg $5-$7 dearer.
* Trade Lambs-$140-$172 $6.20c/kg-$6.30c/kg $5-$8 dearer
* Light trade lambs $125-$138 firm to slightly dearer
* Merino lambs- $75-$162 $5.50c/kg-$5.60c/kg firm but dearer on quality line
* Skin prices unchanged $9-$12

Sheep numbers stayed around 4000 in a firm market. Heavier sheep could have been slightly cheaper and lighter end was slightly dearer.
* Crossbred Ewes $75 -$179 firm  
* Merino Wethers $100-$135 limited numbers and quality
* Merino Ewes $85-$175 firm
* Lighter end sheep firm to slightly dearer.