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AWI's call out for new and innovative research proposals

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Dec 21, 2017

Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) has announced its annual Call for Proposals for on-farm and off-farm research and development (R&D) projects. A myriad of R&D possibilities are available to organisations interested in realising opportunity within the booming Australian wool industry.

AWI invests in research, development and marketing (RD&M) across the wool industry supply chain to enhance the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wool industry, and to increase demand and market access for Australian wool. The wool industry has ended 2017 on record high wool prices and the appeal of investment and innovation in the industry continues to increase. Competition to be successful in the application process is strong. General Manager of Research, Jane Littlejohn, says “AWI’s on-farm research strategy has reached its mid-point and AWI is looking for full project proposals to round off its investment into the 2019 Financial Year. Additionally, AWI is always interested in concepts from researchers that might inform AWI investments in a future strategic period.”

One successful project from the 2017 round of proposals is looking at sheep ectoparasite resistance. The objective of the project is to determine the insecticide resistance profiles of the two major ectoparasites of the wool industry, the Australian sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina, and the sheep body louse Bovicola ovis. This three-year project is now underway with the final report projected for publishing late 2019.

Projects like this one create innovation within the wool industry and the results from these projects are of great significance to woolgrowers and stakeholders alike.

To help identify the type of projects AWI would like to invest in, a table that sets out the programs in each of these strategic areas has been prepared and the AWI Manager responsible for each strategic area has been included.

Project applications must address AWI strategic priorities and programs in AWI’s Strategic Plan. Research portfolios include:

1. Sheep Production

    Sheep Health & Welfare
    Vertebrate Pests
    Genetic Improvement
    Farm Automation & Software Development
    Feedbase & Eco-credentials
    Fibre Advocacy

2. Woolgrower Services

    Sheep & Wool Management Skills
    Wool Harvesting & Quality Preparation

3. Processing Innovation & Education Extension

    Product & Processing Innovation

When submitting proposals for 2018/19 funding, applicants should use the main Project Proposal Response Form (OR the Shearer Training Proposal Response Form and Shearer Training Budget Breakdown attachment if applicable).

Applicants are requested to submit a full proposal by 12pm, Friday 16th February 2018.

Proposals are to be emailed to or posted to:

Call for Project Proposals 2017/18
Australian Wool Innovation Limited
GPO Box 4177
Sydney 2001