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AV Weather July 7 post

  • By: Anthony Violi
  • Jul 07, 2017

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Hi all, the 4 week forecasts are now updated. Please login and view your latest forecasts.

AV Weather has now become a huge weather service, since I began 14 months ago the business has now grown to a huge size, as farmers, agronomists, concreters, and anyone who relies on weather from all parts of Australia join up to receive the very best information available.

I provide a 4 week forecast vital to make decisions for things like urea spreading, cutting hay and just about anything else. I also provide a very detailed 9 month long range outlook, and an 8 day forecast as well, all for your exact location.

One thing that AV Weather members already know, I am always ahead of the computer models by weeks, and sometimes months, which is why my long ran...

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