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AV Weather July 7 post

  • By: Anthony Violi
  • Jul 07, 2017

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Hi all, the 4 week forecasts are now updated. Please login and view your latest forecasts.

AV Weather has now become a huge weather service, since I began 14 months ago the business has now grown to a huge size, as farmers, agronomists, concreters, and anyone who relies on weather from all parts of Australia join up to receive the very best information available.

I provide a 4 week forecast vital to make decisions for things like urea spreading, cutting hay and just about anything else. I also provide a very detailed 9 month long range outlook, and an 8 day forecast as well, all for your exact location.

One thing that AV Weather members already know, I am always ahead of the computer models by weeks, and sometimes months, which is why my long range forecasting is more accurate than competitors, as they only ever use climate models, and no logic or common sense.

I also provide 1 or 2 daily updates, these are very detailed and continually monitor changes as they happen, including a state by state video analysis, a weekly wrap up looking at the next 18 months ahead of us, also with a video update.

I also provide a 1 on 1 phone service as well for 12 month members, who contact me to get the very latest information specific for their circumstances, and this is a very popular part of the service.

Now that AV Weather caters to so many people, the website is being upgraded, and an app will be part of the program as well. I am also introducing live webinars shortly, exclusive to members on the website only. You will not see any of the things I present to my clients anywhere else.

Please note, the free trials will be ending on July 8th, the business is now large enough and been seen many people, and I may have to crop the membership base down to make sure I cater to everyone needs in an appropriate manner.

I am also available for corporate functions, I have many functions I have already spoken at this year, if you would like to know more about my fees and availability