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Around the grounds - Victoria

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jul 07, 2017

There was some nice winter rain totals around over the last week and the good thing was it was a little unexpected. Here we talk to a few Farm Tender member and ask how their Farm is fairing this season so far.

To the North of the state where Wilby (near Yarrawonga) Wheat and Canola Farmer Marcus Hargreaves received and inch of rain which he described as "fantastic."

In the South, Byaduk Beef Farmer Rob Addinsall said the season had been a perfect Western District season for him, "the winter hasn't been too wet and the grass has been growing all the way through. If we can get through another month without getting too wet and have a good spring I will be very happy".

Koallah Farms representative David Holmes said it's extremely wet at the Camperdown farm.

Sale based Grazier Ian Wrigglesworth reported that South and Central Gippsland is terrible with East Gippsland faring only marginally better. "The lack of Autumn rain has been the killer. On my place, we have had 140mm and we should have had 320mm. With not much grass around it will be concerning if it does get cold and wet" he said

Sheep, Cropping and Irrigation Farmer Charlie Koch, who operates near Minimay, close to the Vic/SA border said he was wet early which cause some issues in getting the crop in and some early crop damage. But now he said "It looks really good"

Warracknabeal District Hay and Grain Farmer Scott Somers got 15mm for the week and he said things are going along well. "We have a moisture probe on our property and it was telling us 5 weeks ago that we had a full moisture profile, I reckon the top 200mm dried out a little but the rest is still in tact and the 15mm has us back on track," he said

Nhill Hay and Grain Grower Darren Rowe said his property looked "not bad" but said North and West of him Crops are struggling a little. "We had 15mm in the last week and that helped alot".

In the North Central area Bealiba Grain, Hay and Sheep Farmer Dan Smith said if you had of spoken to me 3 days ago I would have told you it was "half stuffed", we had Oats dropping and Canola dying, but after an inch of rain I am happy again. We are right for July now" he said.

Ultima Cropping Farmer Adam O'Brien said his Mallee Farm is looking pretty good after 5-10mm of rain recently. "But we are still looking for more as the frosts dried everything out even though we do have moisture down below."