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Applications for the 2018 Australian Grain Leaders Program are now open

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Feb 06, 2018

Organisers of the Australian grain industry’s premier national leadership development program, the Australian Grain Leaders Program (AGLP), are now taking applications for next year’s intake.

National grain farmer representative body, GrainGrowers, has offered the successful program for 10 years and in that time more than 100 passionate young people have graduated. Many of them have gone on to undertake leadership positions within the grains industry, including GrainGrowers’ own National Policy Group and Board. (See case study below.)

For the first time in many years, GrainGrowers is offering the program to the full grains industry, not exclusively farmers.

“The Australian Grain Leaders Program is the pivotal program for grain industry leadership development in Australia, driving excellence in our own industry,” said GrainGrowers’ CEO, Dr Michael Southan.

“The program aims to develop the personal and professional leadership skills and knowledge of emerging young leaders in the grains industry, widening their horizons and increasing their understanding of the broader issues in the industry.

“We have widened the intake for next year’s program with the intention of attracting a mix of farmers, executives and workers from across all sectors of the industry to build greater rapport and understanding of how the industry’s different sectors can work cooperatively together to build stronger outcomes for all,” said GrainGrowers’ CEO, Dr Michael Southan.

“The program is unique in exclusively focusing on the Australian grains industry. It enables a participant to select a project for 12 months which impacts their own industry, enterprise or farm. Through their work, individuals seek to investigate, understand and provide solutions for an issue that will benefit not only their own enterprise but also the grains industry as a whole.

“In addition to providing unparalleled access to industry experts, stakeholders and information across the grains industry, the program aims to foster life-long networks and friendships among participants.

“Grain farmers who wish to develop their leadership skills are invited to apply for the program.

“In addition, we invite grains industry businesses to sponsor promising employees aged 21-40 who show leadership potential and who would benefit from increasing their leadership training and industry knowledge.”

Further information on the program and nomination forms can be downloaded from the GrainGrowers website. Applications close at 5 pm on Friday 29 September.

For more information please contact Events Coordinator Rebecca Wilde on 02 9286 2000 or email