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Allbirds massive success story

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jul 14, 2017

The key to lifting the profile of wool is to use it in innovative ways (can someone tell AWI). Well a New Zealand mob (yet again) has come up with an ingenious idea of making woolen runners and they have taken off.

Only available in the US and New Zealand they are the choice footwear of the tech industry and have lifted the profile of wool, albeit New Zealand wool, but anyway it's wool, All good.

Since conception in 2014, Kiwi founder Tim Brown has raised US$7.25 million in funding after initially receiving a grant from the New Zealand wool industry and raising $119,000 in 5 days on Kickstarter.

Since then it has been ride like no other with the company reportedly doing $70 million in revenue for the 2016 calender year.

I bought a couple of pairs when I lived in the US and they are the most comfortable shoe you can wear. I love them