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Ag careers in focus – Alexandra Gartmann, Rural Bank

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Feb 03, 2018

Careers in the agricultural industry don’t necessarily follow a pattern or vertical line, more of a ‘lattice’ as Rural Bank MD and CEO Alexandra Gartmann likes to call it.

“For me it is a lattice because you often go sidewards and can be very nimble in trying different parts of the agricultural industry to get ahead, as opposed to straight up in one organisation to the next senior role.”

This adequately describes Ms Gartmann’s personal career path which has seen her move through different organisations and roles to her current position which began in 2015.

Her position at Rural Bank also means that she is included in the 14 percent of women who are in management positions in the agricultural industry.

And while this is low, she believes that there has been an increase in the involvement of women in the industry, just not in higher management roles.

“When I think about the Rural Bank customer base there are actually at least, if not more than 50 percent where the primary contact for the financial side of the business is the female,” Ms Gartmann explained.  

Also discussed in this podcast is working overseas, the difference between working for BCG and Rural Bank, how we can increase the number of women in management roles, why more than just agricultural graduates are needed and what opportunities in the future there will be for graduates.

This episode is part of the ‘Ag careers in focus’ podcast series aimed to showcase the range of ag careers on offer. It is produced by BCG with funding from the Hugh DT Williamson Foundation.

The podcast can be found on iTunes and Soundcloud by searching Ag careers in focus.

For more information about the podcast series or any questions, please contact the BCG office on 03 5492 2787.