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A message to our Farm Tender customers

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Mar 26, 2020

This was first published in our weekly Farm Tender newsletter.

By Dwain Duxson - Farm Tender & DelayPay

I hope this finds you well.

As we all know, the world is and has changed in just a week.

Our staff have been busy communicating to lots of Farmers, and people in Ag related businesses this week, most are saying it's business as usual. Well sort of.

We have some tightening of supply on Cropping inputs leading into the Sowing/Seeding period, and Livestock prices are starting to bounce around a little. They are supposedly letting Ag related freight across borders, so at this stage, compared to other industries things, are going a hell of a lot better.

We all should be positive without getting complacent.

My DelayPay colleague Kelsey Miller had a couple of phone hookups with our Finance and Insurance partners yesterday; they also confirmed that they thought Ag was well placed, as well placed as anyone.

Ag has been much maligned and scrutinised lately, but it's situations like this where people go back to basics and focus on the things that matter most. Food is one of those. One would hope that when we come through this, the wider public gets a better understanding of the importance Agriculture plays in their daily lives.

You have to feel for the people that are currently losing their jobs and businesses; it's a terrible situation, and we wish them all the best.

As for us at Farm Tender, we are focussing on three main points:

1) The survival of our business and that of our customers

2) To retain all staff

3) Collectively, to come out the other end stronger

So the fundamentals of the way we go about our work daily won't change, as most work remote (from home) anyway.

But in saying that we are far from being complacent as nobody knows what's ahead. We will be taking a cautious approach and keeping a very close eye on things.

We will keep supporting you, our customers, as best we can.

We hope in return; you will continue to support us.

Something we have always done is to provide flexibility, when needed, with our invoice payments; however, we would ask that any outstanding amounts be paid if possible. That would be much appreciated in this current climate. Any queries on invoices don't hesitate to give our admin team a call to discuss; they will get you sorted.

Our optimism comes from our customers, the industry we are in, and our business model.

The world will be a different one on the other side, so stay safe and be kind.

End of message

Dwain Duxson