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5 Year NSW Wild Dog strategy released

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Oct 18, 2017

A new five-year NSW Wild Dog Management Strategy that identifies specific actions to minimise wild dog impacts in the State has been released by the NSW Government.

“The NSW Wild Dog Management Strategy 2017-2022 builds on existing wild dog management, planning, research and communication approaches in NSW,” said Department
of Primary Industries Manager Invasive Species Quentin Hart.

“It outlines how together land managers can proactively reduce the devastating effects of wild dogs in NSW,” he said.

“Wild dogs maul and kill livestock such as sheep, cattle and domestic pets as well as spreading diseases and parasites.

“These impacts cost our livestock industry about $50 million a year and badly affect the well-being of farmers and their wider community.”

Mr Hart said effective wild dog management requires a well-researched, strategic and proactive approach where private and public land managers are engaged and work together
across local areas.

“Our knowledge and understanding of these predators is increasing all the time and is being incorpora...
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