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Southern Wire Fastlock Toughline Wire

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    Southern Wire Fastlock Toughline Wire

    Fastlock Toughline is a high quality, Australian manufactured product designed to suit a wide range of fencing applications.

    With extra strength 2.80mm high tensile top and bottom wires, Fastlock Toughlinen is designed to handle the press of animals trying to push under lean over the fence. All wires are heavy galvanised (minimum 230 grams/sqm zinc coating) for superior longevity. The strong square knot which locks the vertical and horizontal wires together reduces the risk of the wires slipping compared to products like ring joint. Fastlock Toughline also has a 'one piece' vertical wire meaning it does not need to be clipped to support wires like hinged joint.

    Southern Wire Fastlock Toughline provides:
    - Longevity - Manufactured in Australia using high quality, heavy galvanised wire.
    - Durability - 2.80mm high tensile top and bottom wires to manage heavy stock pressure.
    - Strength - Square knot locks the vertical and horizontal wires to minimise the risk of wires sliding.
    - Stability - One piece vertical wires to provide verticaal integrity.
    - Easy to use - Snag free rolls and compact knot means no-hassle unrolling and even wire tension.

    Available in the following sizes:
    6/70/30 - 200m & 500m
    7/90/45 - 500m
    6/90/45 - 500m
    6/90/30 - 200m
    8/90/15 - 100m & 250m
    7/90/30 - 200m & 500m (Price listed 200m)
    8/90/30 - 200m & 500m

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