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    RELIABELT Truck Load Conveyors are ideal for handling seed, loading the planter and unloading bins. These conveyors are designed with a 20” Chevron belt in an enclosed 10” tube. It is driven by a simple and effective low tension “S” drive, this allows the belt to contour to the conveyor. RELIABELT Truck load conveyors are available in 45ft or 55ft lengths, and are capable of moving up to 12,000BPH. Growers are able to choose the drive system which best suits their operation, the choices available are gas, diesel or electric drive, and can be fully equipped with hydraulic movers. They come with a standard unique 5ft low profile collapsible intake hopper to eliminate leakage. With its high capacity and gentle handling of your commodity, the RELIABELT Truck load conveyor is your best choice for farm efficiency and savings.

    1.5’ low profile collapsible hopper intake
    2.Adjustable discharge spout
    3.Heavy duty scissor lift undercarriage
    4. 35 HP Kohler Petrol Engine
    5. Up too 320TPH

    Optional Features:
    1.Gas, diesel and electric power sources available for all lengths
    2.Electric clutch
    3.Poly-Flex down spout
    4.LED light kit
    5.Mover kit

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