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    Reliable - Farmer/ Hay contractors rely on this product to get them out of bed(or during the day when you are busy doing something else) at the right time to start bailing . Check data at anytime by sending a sms. Day or night.

    Time saver- saves a lot of time. Helps you to get the Hay at the right time . Not to late not to early.

    Accurate- Sensors sit on the hay to give the most accurate humidity reading of air nearest to the hay.

    Flexible - having 2 sensors you can experiment where to put the sensors that best suits you. For example. Next to hay . In the hay . On the hay . Up in the air. Compare results . You decide whats best.

    Simple - All settings and phone stored or set by using simple sms . No waiting for downloading on the cloud or apps.

    Portable- Packs up easy to shift from paddock to paddock .

    Maintenance-free- Solar panel keeps battery charged . No need to recharge.

    Easy to upgrade- I have designed the product so i can easily upgrade if needed at low cost.

    Cost efficient- Sim plan is up to you . For example . Get a sim connected to your business or buy a prepaid sim . Good plans these days with unlimited text and calls . Only put credit on sim when needed.

    Easy to find- At night time it is easy to see yellow box or turn the flashing leds on . Less risk of running over the unit with vehicle.

    Tough- Safecase is Manufactured from ultra high impact structural polymer

    Choice in network provider- I can make it to suit any network. Or you can buy an extra modem ($150) so you know that you have signal no matter what tower is in the area you are baling. For example Both Optus and Telstra.

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