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Hay Guard & Silo Guard Ex Elmore or Melbourne. (1200L)

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    Hay Guard
    Hay Guard preserves your hay quality.
    Helps to start baling sooner and last longer.
    Cooler, Greener, More nutritious hay.
    Leafier, More palatable hay.
    Harvest more tonnes per acre.
    Ready to use formula.
    Safe and odour free.
    Safe for all animals
    No withholding periods.

    * 800ml./ton use rate = lower cost
    * Eliminates Oxygen
    * Inhibits mould & yeast growth
    * Proven to keep hay cool
    * Non-corrosive

    HAY GUARD® is a formula containing a
    PATENTED combination of sulphur
    salts which inhibits
    mould and yeast growth.

    Sodium Sulpite
    Oxygen scavenger agent –
    Scientific term for
    ‘eating oxygen’.
    This help get rid of the air in the
    bale. Sodium sulphite is used
    in human food preparation in
    products such as dried fruit to stop
    it discolouring,
    and deli meats.

    Potassium Bisulphite
    Sterilizing agent used in
    the production of alcoholic
    beverages to kill unwanted

    Sodium Bisulphite
    Preserves colour and
    prevents oxidization
    and browning.
    Used in preserving wine
    colour and flavour.

    (See Photo's for application rates)