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Grevillia Ag Air-Tech Inoculant Applicators

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    Enquire at the PAC - Installation extra

    Price listed is for 50L

    Tank and Nozzle kit extra

    AirTech Wireless Controlled Applicator saves time, money and water!

    Available in 10L Dual, 50L and 100L tank sizes.

    The Air-Tech Wireless Controlled silage and hay inoculant applicator provides accurate application of silage and hay inoculants using air blast technology to deliver rates as low as 50mL per tonne.

    Application rates and water usage have long been problems many contractors and growers have had up until now. Current application methods for silage inoculants have proven to be very inacurate and often very costly.

    Grevillia Ag has the answer to all of these problems with the "Air-Tech Wireless Controlled ULV Applicator" for applying silage and hay inoculants. By utilising Air Atomization technology, inoculant and compressed air are introduced at a nozzle resulting in an ultra fine mist.

    When mounted in an enclosed section of the chopper or baler this ultra fine mist provides excellent distribution of active bacteria at very low rates, therefor requiring less water and a more cost effective method of applying inoculants.

    * 100L or 50L opaque tank with sump suitable for use on sloping ground
    * Robust galvanised steel frame and component box for long life
    * Component box sealed to keep parts clear of dust.
    * Quality components
    *Positive displacement liquid pump for accurate metering of liquid
    *Quality compressor with air cleaner
    *Includes pressure gauges, inline filter, wireless base controller, quick connect electrical plug
    * 5m of electrical cable with battery clips
    * Digital wireless cabin control unit with choice of settings
    *Readout shows current application rate; volume applied; volume for job
    * Nozzle with mounting bracket and application hose

    The Benefits
    * Air atomization technology creates a fine mist, giving excellent coverage and distribution of bacteria at very low rates
    * Wireless remote cabin control unit enables accurate setting of application rates at 20ml increments
    * Digital readout gives instant delivery rate , continuous volume and total for job
    * Application rates from 50 - 400mL per Tonne means less water, less refilling
    * Change output on the go if groundspeed and output changes
    * 100L tank full treats up to 2000 Tonne – allows you to keep on working without costly downtime
    * Tank sump allows draining of inoculant at the end of the job
    * Air-blast nozzle gives fine mist for best coverage of hay and silage
    * Self cleaning - Off operation with delayed shutdown of compressor clears line at end of job.
    * Audible and visual no-flow and lost communication warnings on the handset
    * Easy to install and operate
    * Reliability from quality components

    Note: When installing applicator on forage harvesters or balers, it is recommended that, where possible, the handset and control box be in line of sight for the transmitters to function correctly

    Specifications may change from time to time. Check with Grevillia Ag for current specifications.