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CS CALX (Calcuim) Liquid Fertiliser

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    CS CALX (CALCIUM) CONCENTRATE Liquid Fertiliser For Sale,

    Calx is a soluble calcium based liquid fertilizer. It is approximately 12% Calcium, with a solubility of 120,000mg/L of soluble calcium. The amount of calcium available in Calx is over 12,000 times more soluble than traditional Lime based sources of calcium, while it is bound to organic structures, namely amino acids. This makes nutrients more readily plant available, while being able to attach more strongly to soil colloids.

    Calx can improve water infiltration in soils, which is of particular benefit to soils which are prone to waterlogging. This reduces
    oxygen depletion in soils, denitrification, and improves water storing capacity of soils.

    Calcium is a multifunctional nutrient within plants. The higher the solubility available, the greater its availability to
    influence availability and uptake. Classic symptoms of calcium deficient plants include death of growing points, abnormally
    dark green foliage, premature shedding of blossoms and buds and weakened stems.

    Calcium improves cell wall strength and thickness, which not only produces a stronger and healthier plant, it makes it more
    disease resistant, with a healthier root system.

    Calx can improve soil structure by reducing sodicity, as soluble calcium is the most effective method of displacing sodium from
    clay particles. As a result, this assists in preventing clay from swelling and dispersing and improving soil structure.

    Calx can prove to be equally effective in many different soil types as it can effectively improve common soil structural problems such as high Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium.

    Calx is also available buffered, meaning it is slightly acidic rather than alkaline, which is ideal for alkaline soils.

    Calx can increase root zone pH, which reduces effects of toxicities caused by harmful elements such as aluminum, while
    increasing the availability of macronutrients.

    Calx mixes easily with water and other soluble liquid fertilizers such as Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN). It should always be
    completely agitated before mixing with water or other compatible solutions.

    ‣‣Improves soil structure, particularly with sodic soils or soils
    excessive Mg and K.
    ‣‣Improved plant growth and production through healthier
    better cycling soils.
    ‣‣Improves the efficiency of fertilizers, particularly Nitrogen
    efficiency, while making relatively immobile nutrients such as
    Phosphate and Zinc more available.
    ‣‣Reduces waterlogging and increases water holding capacity.
    ‣‣Improves nutrient availability and uptake in plants.
    ‣‣Stronger, healthier plants that are more disease resistant.
    ‣‣Increases soil pH, which reduces the effects of toxic nutrients
    like Al and Fe.
    ‣‣Is available buffered for use on alkali soils.
    ‣‣Nutrients are bound to organic structures; making nutrients
    more readily plant available.