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BioMAX Soluble Humate Granules and Prills. Soluble Humus Fraction

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    High analysis, highly soluble granule.
    Increase efficiency of fertiliser such as NPK.
    Build soil water holding capacity.
    High levels of humic acid are beneficial in soil remediation including low carbon, compacted, salt affected and sandy soils.
    Stimulates beneficial soil biology.
    Humic and fulvic are natural chelators and complexing agents increasing nutrient absorption from fertilisers.
    Use with fertilisers (including urea/DAP/MAP/Guano/lime) to stabilise and enhance productivity.
    Improves water holding capacity and assists soil wetting.
    Complexes with phosphate reducing lock-up.
    Buffers excess salt, chemical residues and heavy metals.
    Humic also has pH buffering capacity and can reduce nutrient lock-ups associated with soil pH extremes.
    Retain and promote building of soil carbon.
    Promotes seed germination, early root growth and mass.
    Natural growth stimulants enhance cell reproduction.
    Humic is a fungal stimulant. Beneficial fungi are the missing biological link in many agricultural soils.

    Available in 40x25kg Bags and 1 Tonne Bulk Bags