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    Agmin Cupricide® is a very efficient Algicide when used at the correct concentration. The active ingredient of Cupricide® is copper, which is bound in a stable complex with organic ligands known as “ethanolamines”. Required copper concentrations are expressed in the range 0.2 – 1.0mg/L (0.2-1.0ppm), depending on the particular species of algae growing in the water body.
    Typically, it has been found that only the top 1 metre surface layer of water needs to be treated with Cupricide®. However, in many situations it is desirable to treat the entire water volume in shallow dams, water reservoirs, fishponds and storage tanks. In these applications, we have calculated the addition rates of Cupricide® to treat the entire volume of water, at three copper concentration levels of 0.2, 0.5 and 1.0mg/L. (See Table below).
    The water volume can be estimated from the dimensions of the dam or reservoir, by multiplying the three measurements of length x depth x width (in metres); this product in cubic metres (m3) can be converted to litres by multiplying by 1000.

    E.g., 10 metre (long) x 4 metres (wide) x 2 metres (deep) = 80m3 Water volume = 80m3 x 1000 = 80,000 litres.
    Or for circular water tanks multiply Diameter (metres) x Diameter (metres) x Height (metres) x 0.785. This result is in cubic metres (m3) and can be converted to litres by multiplying by 1000.

    E.g., Diameter 3 m tank has 5 m height:
    3 x 3 x 5 x 0.785 = 35.33 m3
    Water volume = 35.33 x 1000  35,330 litres