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9, 12,14 and 16 ROW NETWORK SEEDERS

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    The Network range of seeders are available in a 9, 12,14 and 16 row models. Each model run the same basic components, discs, tines, gearbox, chain guards seeding/fertiliser hoppers, seeding tubes, bearings and chains and all interchangeable. The difference between the crumbling drive rollers, spring covering plates, neoprene press bar, work platform, seed/fertiliser boxes and lids throughout the range is the width only. You choose the width of the seeder that best suits your situation and tractor size.

    For tractor with 20 to 50 hp the range of 9,12,14 row seeder is best suited. If your tractor is over 50hp the 16 row is also suited.

    Rest easy knowing that your seeder will not rust apart!!!!!

    The seed and fertiliser boxes are manufactured from stainless steel and are fastened together with stainless nuts and bolts. Neoprene seed and fertiliser hoppers. The larger components of all seeders are hot galvanised, including the main frame, work platform, crumbling drive roller and covering plates. Both the seeding and fertiliser dispatching rollers are made from an extremely heavy duty neoprene that meshes together with a hard-plastic bearing that will give years of serviceability without the chance of rusting. This low maintenance system will save hours in the workshop. The fertiliser hoppers are translucent and UV protected. Watch the fertiliser drop into the hoppers from the comfort of your tractor seat. No more unknown blockages.

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