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Yarram Park, Mt William, Lancaster, Stoney Point and Sterita Park Bull sale results

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Yarram Park Performance Genetics Bull Sale, VIC - 59/60 bulls sold to $40,000 (Lot 2. Yarram Lottery Q058 to Amos Vale Herefords) & av. $14,441. Lot 8. Yarram Empire Q086 (pic) knocked down to Amos Vale Herefords & Newcomen Herefords for $30,000.

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Mt William Charolais Bull & Female Sale, VIC - 36/36 bulls sold to $20,000 twice (Lot 1. Mount William Quad-Trac Q32E (pic) & Lot 3. Mount William Quake Q50E) & av. $7778 and 21/21 females sold to $4600 (Lot 70. Mount William Miffany M140E) & av. $2709.

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Lancaster Black Simmentals Bull Sale, SA - 57/59 bulls sold to $19,000 (Lot 9. LCS Quokka Q310) & av. $7741.

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Stoney Point Performance Angus Bull Sale, SA - 86/86 bulls sold to $22,000 (Lot 4. Stoney Point Quiche Q245 to Myanga Angus) & av. $9500.

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Sterita Park Angus Bull Sale, SA - 87/87 bulls sold to $27,500 (Lot 25. Sterita Park Q142 to Lake Ellen Pastoral, Tintinara SA) & av. $12,316.

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