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By Dwain Duxson

Check out the latest Hay Report here, hot off the keyboard last night.

Cropping time is madness, and it's made even more so when rain is on the way. 


And that's if you can get on the paddocks. I'm told that from Central Queensland down through the Darling Downs and into Central NSW the paddocks are wet and many can't get on them. Some are even talking that they might skip the winter Crop and focus on the summer Crop with a full profile of moisture.


On the back of all this rain could the Cattle market go higher?


Whilst it's wet there, parts of South Australia are the opposite, with Seeding being delayed because of the lack of moisture.


Keep those listings coming through.


The trends across the board include Vetch Hay, Grain Cleaners, Small Square Balers, John Shearer Combines, Wheat Seed, Tractors, Livestock Handling Equipment, Fuel Trailers, Feed Mixer Wagons, Hay Bale Feeders, Field Bins and Sprayers.


As for Seed, we sold Wheat Seed for $450, $550 and $750 a tonne, Vetch Seed for $675, $700 and $725 a tonne, Seed Oats for $500 a tonne, Canola Seed for $8 and $11 a kg and Italian Ryegrass for $2.80 a kg


On the bulk Grain front, we sold Field Peas for $450, $520 and $560 a tonne, Feed Oats for $200 a tonne, Feed Barley for $300 a tonne, and ASW Wheat for $340 a tonne


All prices are ex Farm.


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - Again, we are seeing last-minute items being purchased for Planting with Seed, Seeders/Combines, and Grain Bins as the rush continues to get the Crop in before the next weather front arrives. 


We are also starting to see a few Spreaders being looked at and purchased as we look forward to what is required after Sowing.


Paul said - The common theme when speaking to people this past week has been Sowing and Spraying before the next rain. With reports of Grain pricing, ie, Canola, on the rise, most are eagerly anticipating rain in all the right areas. 


I have already heard of a few unlucky people, mainly up north, copping a heap of rain on freshly sown paddocks. With plenty of water lying around here's hoping things dry out and germinate. 


Mike said - Another big wet has arrived across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. It has been overcast and drizzling for the last 10 days or so, and now it's starting to rain fairly solid with 45 mm around the eastern Darling Downs over the last three days. Everyone who can is busy Seeding. 


Seed is still selling well, with a few having to top up their stocks to finish. Livestock handling Equipment is still selling well, such as Vet Crushes and Portable yards. Fuel trailers and Fuel Storage systems are always popular, especially with the diesel price the way it is.


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.


End of message.