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What's Hot for the 7 days ending on the 5th of May 2021

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By Dwain Duxson

There's a bit more demand around on the Hay front with the dryer Autumn, especially in SA and Vic. Read the latest fortnightly Hay Report hot of the keyboard.

We have updated the App in the last couple of days. So either delete or update and load up through the Apple or Google Play stores. 

As for Cropping programs, we have seen an uptick in Seed sales as Farmers adapt to what Autumn and other scenarios are presenting. 

It's been a bit quieter with Machinery and Equipment sales in the past week. We are a bit light on for trends, with the usuals for this time of year being Tractors, Sprayers and Spreaders. We had a good run on Sheep Handling gear in the last few days. 

As for Livestock, we are still selling plenty of Rams

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