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What's Hot for the 7 days ending on the 19th of May 2021

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By Dwain Duxson

The dry Autumn in the South is creating demand for Hay. Check out our latest Hay Report here, hot off the keyboard last night.

It's been a bit of a broken week as we have had all the staff away for 4 days, where it was pretty much tools down.

Looking at the spreadsheets, and the trends for Machinery and Equipment has been Super Spreaders, Bait Spreaders, Offset Discs, Tractors with Front End Loaders, and Utes.

Shane sold this 2004 Ford F250 4 x 4 Single Cab Tray Ute for $2.5k below the listed price.

It's coming to that point in time where Winter Cropping Programs are winding up. We find a lot of the Cropping guys start listing their Cropping related Equipment at this point. Expect to see Groupers, Airseeders, Combines, Drills, Scarifiers, GPS Equipment, etc, come on to the market.

We have sold some good parcels of Oats and Barley over the last week.

As mentioned above, Jack is keen as to get into his Livestock Exchange role. It will be great to have someone inhouse with Jack's agency experience. Feel free to contact him.

See what sold here.