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The whole Ag job is pretty hot right now. 


From Canola to Cattle, Lambs to Land, and even the weather is doing the right thing for most. In this game, complacency is the killer, but nobody would deny any Farmer the right to feel a little bit pleased with themselves ATM under current conditions.


That's said, nothing just happens, it's all hard work, and there is no cruising in this industry.


Trends for Machinery and Equipment. Big-ticket items are selling well, Headers, Header Fronts, Tractors, Chaser Bins, Mother Bins, Prime Movers, Tipper Trailers, Windrowers, Telehandlers and Balers. All these items are of interest to a wide range of buyers currently. 


Other trending items are Sheep Handling Gear, Vetch Hay, Feed Oats, Kelpie Working Dogs, GPS Equipment, Centre Pivots, Urea and Netwrap.


Shane sold this 2012 JCB 541-70AGS Telehandler for $5k below the listed price.


It really is time to get those unwanted items listed. The market is strong.


To keep up to date with all the Hay news, check out the Hay Report from last week.


Bull Sales are hitting the right notes. Averages have lifted dramatically from, say, around $10k a head to $17k, $18k and in some cases over $20k per head. This is a reflection of the confidence within the industry. Elrose Brahmans had a Female reduction sale and sold 910 head at $7026 average, to gross a staggering $6.3 million. 


Keep an eye on all the Bull and Ram sale results through our Prime Ag News.


If you have any Surplus Bulls or Rams leftover from these sales, make sure you get them listed on our Farm Tender Livestock Exchange.


The Grain job is on fire. The biggest question being asked is will Canola go to $1000 a tonne? Check out a couple of good Canola articles here and here. We have been selling plenty of Feed Oats at around $200 a tonne Ex Farm


See what sold here.