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The Hay Market is random ATM. Check out our new Hay Report here, hot off the keyboard last night.

As mentioned in our opening article, the new and used Machinery and Equipment markets are like we have never seen before. There are negatives and positives to it, as we have pointed out. But we see it as a real opportunity for Sellers to list items. Over to you.

Over the last week, the trend in Machinery and Equipment has been Spreaders, GPS Equipment, used Tyres and Rims, new and used Post Drivers, Sheep Handling Equipment, Tractors (again) and Header are in demand.

Mike sold this Case IH 8120 Header with a 42ft Midwest Front for the listed price.

The used Vehicle market is a hot one, anything that is old and has a Holden sticker on it is making money. This old WB ute was traded during the week, it sold quickly and for the listed price.

Unjoined Ewes were popular on the FTLE this week.

As for Grain, feed Oats were the most traded Grain for the week. Most parcels sold for $210 a tonne, ex Farm.

See what sold here.