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he lead-up and aftermath to the EOFY June 30 deadline felt different this year. Our admin staff were run off their feet juggling money to be paid before or held over to the new financial year.

But as far as sales went, there was much less urgency than in the previous period last year. We had a big lead up to the deadline for the PAC (Prime Ag Centre) items, reoccurring products like Fertiliser, Chemicals, and new Equipment.

But it was quieter on the used Machinery and Equipment front, I had a look at the numbers, and we were 35 percent down on the same week last year.

So the trends for Machinery and Equipment were, Chaser Bins, these are in demand, but unlike last year they are harder to find. Also, Mother Bins (similar to Chasers), we sold a few Air Seeders this week, and Spreaders have been popular for a good six weeks now. We are finding the market for Landcruiser Utes is very hot. It doesn't matter if they are older or newer versions, the buying and selling activity has never been better.

Shane sold this 2014 Toyota GLX Landcruiser for the listed price.

The Hay and Harvest gear is starting to rev up.

The Hay market continued to tick along. See last weeks Hay Report here.

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As for Grains, the main sellers were Feed Barley ($220-$230 Ex Farm) and Feed Oats ($200). We saw a little bit of interest in Chickpea seed, maybe as a last-minute planting option.

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