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Hay Producers are a bit happier with how the season is progressing now and are in a position to release Hay onto the market. Check out the latest Hay Report, hot of the keyboards last night.

It's been a strong week for Machinery and Equipment sales. The standout item was the new Munro Post Drivers, which we sell through the PAC. I think we sold 5 for the week. Of the used stuff, the trends were Tractors, Headers, Telehandlers, Tyres & Rims, and Spreaders.

Paul sold this neat 2013 Case IH Puma 210 Tractor for the listed price.

A trend we are noticing, and we see it through our PAC, is that more manufacturers of Ag-based products are getting items delivered to Farm. We think this will evolve as people get trust in the model.

As always, there is plenty of buying and selling activity before the end of the financial year, but we are gearing up for an equally busy time come July 1 and beyond. We have many of our members holding off to purchase and/or sell items once the bell rings past midnight.

It was a bit of a quieter week for Livestock sales, but we picked up some good listings that should change hands in the next week or 10 days.

Feed Oats ($200-$205) and Feed Barley ($220) were the main Grains sold. We also managed to sell a parcel of Triticale for $260 a tonne. All prices are Ex Farm.

See what else sold here.