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Firstly a bit of housekeeping. We have upgraded our search capabilities for the Hay and Fodder category. Now you can drill down for things like Bale type, Covering, Protein, ME and NDF ranges and different price ranges. We have just updated this feature on the website and also the app. It will be a super-efficient way to search for the Hay you specifically require. Take a look at,au

We also give an example of this in our latest Hay Report here, hot off the keyboard last night.

The season is starting to take some shape, and I think most Farmers are confident it's going to be ok. The rain gaps are filling in.

It was a strong enough week for Machinery and Equipment sales. We sold a few decent self-propelled Windrowers earlier in the week. But apart from that, it was a very diverse week as far as Trends were concerned.

Ellen sold this brand new Meridian Reliabelt 1548 Conveyer through the PAC for $42.5k.

As for Grain, we sold spot loads of Lupins (around $400/mt), Beans (around $400/mt), Oats and Wheat, all ex Farm.

Jack had another good week selling SIL Ewes and mixed-sex Merino Lambs.

See what else sold here.