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By Dwain Duxson

We are starting to see a little bit more interest in Hay this last week. We will have an updated report next week but in the meantime, see last week's Hay Report here.


The run on selling used Machinery and Equipment continues. We are noticing two general trends. We are attracting bigger ticket items, and also there has been an explosion in wanted ads.


Someone said to me that "even the second-hand market has limited supply". So it's a market where beggars can't be choosers or if you spot something you like, don't dilly dally around.


The trends for Machinery and Equipment for the last 7 days includes Drills, Combine, Sheep Handling Gear, Air Seeders, Offset Discs, Stainless Steel Tanks, Speed Tillers, Power Harrows, Tractors, Prickle and Disc Chains.


Mike sold this 60ft Kelly Disc Chain for the listed price.


As for Grain, an interesting article came out yesterday about the continued dry that's affecting the US Wheat Crop. This, combined with what's happening in Ukraine, could provide the perfect storm for Australian Grain Growers as far as prices are concerned. A space to watch.


On the domestic front, we sold Milling Oats at $240 and $250 a tonne, Feed Oats at $190, $200 and $210 a tonne, Lupins at $240 a tonne, and Field Peas at $390 a tonne,


As for Seed, it was Vetch Seed between $745 and $850 a tonne, Oat Seed between $450 and $650 a tonne, and Wheat Seed between $500 and $600 a tonne.


Balansa Clover Seed made $3.20 a kg, Cocksfoot $6 a kg, and Tropical Grasses sold for $15 a kg.


All prices are ex Farm.


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - Another busy week for Seed and good quality Vetch or Cereal Hay as demand has lifted for the feed job due to the dryer than expected conditions in spots. Air Seeders and Tractors are still in hot demand with the Sowing season nearly upon us. We will likely see this continue for the next month or leading in too late March and April.


Paul said - This week has seen a consistent amount of enquiry starting to flow in for the Hay and Grain job. I wouldn't say it's red hot, but it is definitely luke warm. Machinery is still dominating spreadsheets, with quality gear at the right price moving and moving fairly quickly. 


Due to the nature of the world, we have had a lot of enquiry for typically out-of-season Machinery. So if you have something you think you will sell later on down the track or closer to when you think it will be needed, my advice is to throw it up now as you will probably find you will get the same result! 


Mike said - There is still inquiry coming through on Air Seeders and Combines as Farmers wish to upgrade, replace or purchase an extra Machine. There is still good inquiry on tractors with low hours. 


There is a fair bit of interest in the Livestock Handling Equipment with Immobilises and Crushes selling well. Seed for the upcoming Planting season is selling, especially Pasture Grasses.


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.