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By Dwain Duxson.

Check out the latest and first Hay Report for 2022 here.

We had all our staff back together for the first time yesterday. This always gives us good sales momentum when everyone is chipping in doing their bit.


Viewer numbers to the site and App have lifted post-Christmas and New Year and are already well ahead of the December period. This is good news for sellers as more eyeballs mean more competition.


As mentioned in the Hay Report, we are starting to see some strong Summer demand for Hay and although premium Vetch Hay is the hot ticket item, we are making sales across all specs.


It's interesting watching the trends shift in the Machinery and Equipment space. For the four months leading up to Christmas, it was all Harvest and Hay gear. That's all changed. 


One trend we have noticed is the sale of Offset Discs, Power Harrows, Speed Tillers and to a lesser extent Prickle and Disc Chains. Anything that tills the soil. Does this have a direct relationship with the inflated price of Chemicals? We think it might.


On our "What's Hot" Facebook live rant, we did talk about how Farmers are happy to deviate from a system to get a production result or save money. 


An example would be that many of the people doing no-Till are the ones buying Offset Disc, Power Harrows, etc. They are happy to deviate and use what tools necessary to get a production result, even if it means Tilling the soil in a no-Till production system. Another one is when a Farmer burns a Stubble whilst using no-till practices, they don't really want to do it, but they do because they want to break a disease build-up or get rid of some mice.


I think it's a great way to operate, they are thinking about outcomes that will lead to better short term results. The long term focus is still there, but no system in Farming should be rigid. It's sorta like being on a diet and having a blowout weekend.


As for Machinery and Equipment, it's been a solid last seven days. The trends were, Offset Discs, Power Harrows, Grain Bag Outloaders, Sprayers, Prime Movers, Spreaders, Feed Mixers and Seeding Equipment.


Paul sold this 1993 Kenworth T950 Prime Mover for the listed price. It was a quick sale, it only took 24 hours to get it listed, enquired on, inspected and sold.


Jack will talk about the Cattle and Sheep job below.


As for Grain, there is a bit of movement right now. Mainly Farmer to Farmer stuff which is our bread and butter. There is also some movement in the Seed market, which is usual for this time of year.


The trends were Feed Oats selling at $210, 215 and $220 a tonne, Vetch Seed from $600 to $700 a tonne, Gunya Peas at $505 a tonne, Feed Barley at $220, $225 and $230 a tonne, Beans at $410 and $430 a tonne and Seed Oats at anywhere from $400 to $900 a tonne. All prices are ex Farm.


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - With the high price of Glyphosate, we have seen a lift in Offset Discs sales with some growers looking at other alternatives. Other items we have seen a rise in has been Field Bins, Silos, Augers, Outloader's and Air Seeders. We expect to see an increase in demand for Seeding Gear in the lead up to Sowing time. 


Paul said - Machinery has dominated the sales spreadsheets this last week with a focus on Boomsprays and other Fallow gear, there is still plenty of other stuff shifting through the site. We are starting to see some more movement on the Hay job, which is promising. 


Mike said - Inquiry on good quality Air Seeder Bars is high if anyone has some for sale. Producers are sourcing Seed currently for their upcoming winter Cropping program. Augers, good quality Tractors and Tipper Trailers are still selling well. Feed Mixers are selling reasonably well, with quality machines attracting interest. 


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.