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We have updated our search functionality across most of our categories. The category I want to focus on today is Hay and Fodder. You can drill down to things like sold by (tonne or bale), Bale type, Covering (eg Shedded, Hay Caps, etc), Protein range, ME range, NDF range and price range. This is going to be super handy for buying Hay and Fodder going forward. Check it out. It will be available on the App from next week.

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New Tractor sale statistics keep rising even though the word on the street is that new gear is hard to source. A quote from the Tractor and Machinery Association in this article here said, "the strength of the market continues to surprise many as the challenges being experienced with supply combined with the continuation of the extraordinary demand would suggest that these numbers remain beyond expectations."

As for used Machinery and Equipment, the trend has been the same, and we are just seeing demand rise again now that Cropping has finished or nearly finished. The trends in the last week have been Spreaders, used Tyres, Centre Pivots, GPS gear, Portable Sheep and Cattle Yards and Prime Movers.

It would be interesting to go through and see what the used Machinery and Equipment trends have been over the last 12 months. Let me do some research and give a bit of a rundown on that over the next couple of weeks.

As for the Livestock Exchange, Jack has been selling plenty of Rams, and we have attracted quite a few larger mobs of joined Ewes.

Feed Barley has been the volume mover on the Grain front. It has been trading for about $220 ex Farm.

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