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By Dwain Duxson

Check out our latest Hay Report here, hot of the keyboard last night. The jobs picked up a little.


It's been an up and down last 7 days for sales. One day it will be well below par and the next well above average. It's that time of year, and we think it will be like this until the new year.


The guys over at DelayPay are getting smashed and have super seeded last Decembers figures in 12 days.


As mentioned in the lead article, Farmers will have to give plenty of thought with regards to buying decisions from now on.


For Machinery and Equipment, the trends were Tipper Trailers, Stockcrates, Tyres, Field Bins, Tractors, Sprayers and Airseeders.


Shane sold this 2020 Stoll S6 Trailing Boomspray for $2.5k below the listed price. 


We have listed our first Ram Catalogue. Go to the FTLE report above for a detailed explanation of how it works. We think it will be great for buyers and sellers alike. 


As for Grain, we sold Oats at $200, $210 and $230 a tonne, Morava Vetch Seed at $700 a tonne, Lupins at $360 and $390 a tonne. All prices ar Ex Farm.


We focus on the Farmer to Farmer market for Grain. Also, make sure you get your Seed listings up because buyers will be looking to secure Seed early this season. 


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - Again, over the last week, we see more enquiry on Hay and Grain with Lentils and Lupins along with Cereal and Vetch Hay being the most sort after. Also still a bit of Harvest Gear with Headers, Fronts and Field Bins still being enquired on. Hopefully, with a dry run now, the Farmers can see the finish line.


Paul said - With Harvest over for some and many others are in the midst of it, there are varying reports with prices holding up there is seeming to be a square up as far as yields go. 


We are starting to see the next phase of Gear being nibbled at, Sowing Gear, and even Seed being sniffed out. With Mother Nature seeming to calm down a bit and looking to play the game, things are heating up. Tractors and Sprayers are as steady as ever, even with the apparent shortage of Ad Blue. 


Like many Commodities, things are getting tight as far as supply goes, with the panic merchants flapping their gums about not being able to get this or that, lets hope the rumours are off the mark and the Beer supply remains intact! 


Mike said - Headers, Field Bins and Grain Storage are still popular. I have one customer looking for a set of Soucy Tracks to suit his John Deere Header, so let me know if anyone has some in the shed. Good quality Tractors are still being looked at.


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.