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By Dwain Duxson

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It quietened off markedly in the last 5 or 6 days leading up to yesterday. Sales, enquiries, views were all down. But yesterday it got busy again.


Farmers are currently dealing with a couple of things, floods or too much rain and Harvest. The ones Harvesting are going as hard as they possibly can, knowing they possibly only have a small window of opportunity.


The ones with too much rain, we can only think about what you are going through. We are hearing some pretty rough stories, many wide and varied. So that's "not hot".


According to the guys below, there has been a pick up in activity for both Hay and Grain, mainly Farmer to Farmer stuff.


As for Machinery and Equipment, the trends were, Tyres (people are paying over the odds for Tyres), Tractors (very popular), Pick Up Fronts, Tippers (red hot), and Slashers.


Jim sold this near new (30 hours) Kirovets K7M, 428hp Tractor post Auction for its reserve price.


Check out the FTLE report below to see what's happening in Livestock.


On the Grains front, we sold Lupins for $360, $380 and $400 a tonne, Oats for $180 and $230 a tonne, Corn for $340 a tonne. All prices are Ex Farm.


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - A lot quieter week than the previous with Farmers flat out trying to get the Crop off while the weather is favourable. We are starting to see a rise in traffic for Lupins/Lentils/Peas /Beans, also Cereal and Vetch Hay. We hear of some excellent yields with Lentils this year, which is good news, especially with the pricing at $900 plus.  


Paul said - This week has seen more of the same with Harvest in full swing for many. There is an uptick in Vetch Hay interest, with a couple of decent-sized parcels moving for reasonable money. Interest in high protein Feed options is also picking up with a couple of wanted ads out there for Grain and Meals, all with weight gaining potential. Fibre is another dietary need that might be a little hard to find with the supply of good quality Straw not at its peak. It could be worth pressing some up if that's an option and putting it in the shed this year..  


Mike said - Most are concentrating on getting the existing Crop off and into storage. Demand for Grain and good quality Hay is there. Headers are still being sought after. Many Farmers that I have spoken to are saying it will end up a tough Harvest, similar to 10/11. Trucks and Trailers are still reasonably popular, with a couple of good sales recently. 


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.

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