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By Dwain Duxson

Check out the latest Hay Report here, hot off the press this morning.

It was a little quieter for Machinery and Equipment sales, but this was offset by a lift in sales of Fertiliser and Urea through the PAC.

The Machinery and Equipment trends over the last 7 days were Augers, Tipper Trailers, Fuel Tanks, Field Bins, Header Fronts, Chaser Bins, Tow-Behind Rollers, Air Carts and Headers.

Mike sold this Case IH 8240 Header with a 40ft Front for $45k below with listed price.

On the Grain front, we sold Milling Oats for $210 a tonne, Faba Beans for $320, $340 and $345 a tonne, Field peas for $405 a tonne and Barley for $280 a tonne. All prices are ex Farm.


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Mike said - Grain Storage is a popular category at the present time.

Augers are selling well also. Grain Bag inloaders are selling but not near as popular as last year. Livestock handling equipment are becoming popular as well due to the price of Livestock, with a full set of Cattle Yards selling around the $50,000 mark, it was large enough to handle 200 head. Grain is still popular with a few suppliers looking for various types of grain to fill previous quoters


Shane said - At the moment, it's all about Harvest and Hay Equipment. Headers, Tractors, Silos, Field Bins, Chaser Bins, Augers and Hay Rakes are some of the more popular items. With new Equipment still in short supply, we are also seeing more cropping type items like Combines and Airseeders being nibbled on, with buyers worried they won't have what they need by the time cropping comes around. 


Paul said - This last week has seen more sales of Harvest related gear with everything from Headers and Fronts to Augers and Storage options. We seem to always tick over good tractors, and we are seeing an uptake on most quality tractors that hit our books. Also, seeing some Hay Making gear shift with a few Mower Conditioners and Balers being looked at. 



Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.

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