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By Dwain Duxson

There is plenty of Hay related news, check out the latest Hay Report, fresh of the keyboards last night. There was a bit of Hay moving in the last week as sales picked up.

Large parts of Victoria and South Australie are still pretty dry, and the two scenarios facing Croppings Farmer is "to sow, or not to sow". Most that are happy to sow dry would almost be done, and dare I say, dusted by now. But there are others out there that prefer to sow or seed into moisture. For them, it's a waiting game.

The Machinery and Equipment selling job picked up a bit last week, so it's a good time to get stuff listed and ready for sale leading into June 30. The trends were Spreaders, Mother Bins, Augers, Older Tractors, Pick Up Fronts, Post Drivers, Silos and GPS Equipment.

Paul sold this 150 tonne Bromar Mother Bin for $3k below the listed price and Shane sold this 2018 85 Tonne Dunstan Mother Bin for the listed price.

We sold a few parcels of F1 Barley at $220 a tonne ex Riverina. The Seed job is grinding to a halt after a pretty good run over the last few months.

It was a mixed bag with Livestock sales over the last week, SIL Ewes, Rams and Bulls all sold.

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