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What do we want to achieve with this What's Hot article each week?


We want to pass on information that is not readily available elsewhere, stuff that we have gleaned from the many conversations during the last week and any sales related trends we have picked up.


The trends for Machinery and Equipment over the last 7 days have been Headers, Draper and Pick-Up Fronts, Field Bins, Chaser Bins, Sprayers, Landcruiser Utes, Hay Rakes and Mower Conditioners.


Shane sold this 2016 Miller Nitro 36m 5333 SP Sprayer with 2200 hours on the clock for $20k below the listed price. It had been listed for a few months and used in-between times.


Our staff are their eyes and ears of what is happening in the Ag space. So we have decided to introduce a new section into this "What's Hot" column each week. We hand it over to our 3 sales guys to give you a brief statement of what they have heard. See below...


Shane says - A big jump in Harvest Machinery, with Headers being the flavour of the month so far along with Augers, Chaser Bins and Silos.


Mike says - Last week saw Hay Gear starting to move with several Mower Conditioners and Rakes selling. With prices ranging from $15,000-$18,000 for the Mower Conditioners and the Rakes selling around the $13,000 mark. As per previous weeks, Headers are still very popular, and so are any low hour Tractors. There is still is inquiry for Grain Bag In and Out Loaders, with a brand new one selling last week for $48,000. No doubt, as Harvest draws closer inquiry will pick up for Augers as well.


Paul says - It seems the squeeze is on for a lot of new Machinery, so we are seeing that flow on to the second-hand market. Anything to do with Harvest has been moving. We have sold quite a few Header's, and we have plenty of good Machines still on the site. Tipper Trailer's have also proven to be very popular, with the vast majority moving pretty quick. All in all, if you have a good bit of gear and you're on the money, it will go! 


See our latest Hay Report here. We have a new one coming out next week.


The Grain side of things is getting exciting, with droughts, heat waves, and floods in other parts of the world playing into Australia's hands. There are a couple of good articles here and here that outline how it's all playing out.


Feed Oats where once again the biggest seller on the site. $205-$210 a tonne ex Farm and ex GST


Jack had a good week selling Goats.


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.