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The return of the "Idiot Brick"..... Check out our latest Hay Report, right here hot of the keyboard.

As mentioned above, Headers have been trending. In fact, it's been anything Harvest related, Draper and Open Fronts, Pick-up Fronts, Field Bins, Chaser Bins (if you can get them), and Mother Bins (same, same) have all been popular over the last week. The trend for Harvest Equipment started earlier than last year. There are a few reasons for that. There is a higher rate of confidence in the Harvest at an earlier stage than the previous year. Also, stuff is harder to get. Chaser and Mother Bins were big sellers last year, with the number of units listed well down this year.

Paul sold this 22 tonne Finch Chaser Bin for the listed price

Other trending items for Machinery and Equipment were Tractors, Tipping Trailers, new Post Munro Drivers and any Sheep Handling gear is flying out the door.

Rangeland Goats and Alpacas had a good run in the Livestock category.

Feed Oats was the biggest seller for the Grain category, most sold for $210 a tonne, Ex Farm.

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