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Well bred store Lambs to the paddock dearer at Bendigo

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Yarding - 21,000 (-4000)
Lambs - 16,500 (+1500)
Sheep - 4500 (-5500)

Just a slight lift in supply to 16,500 lambs, 1,500 more. Quality was better, with bigger runs of fresher conditioned southern lambs from the Kilmore and Mansfield areas available. Competition was stronger, although it was driven by a handful of processors with some still absent and others remaining quiet. Prices for the main runs of trade and heavy processing young lambs were $4 to $8/head dearer, with some bigger price spikes recorded for light lambs in a market that did fluctuate at times. Sales of well-bred store lambs to the paddock were dearer.

Heavy young lambs above 26kg cwt remained limited, and this was reflected in results with the best 26kg to 30kg cwt pens selling from $220 to a top of $268/head at an estimated 878c/kg cwt to be among the dearest price averages of the sale. The best young lambs in the 24kg to 26kg cwt range, $208 to $245 to average $220/head, at 830c/kg cwt. Also at this carcass price point were the 22kg to 24kg cwt young lambs at $191 to $214/head. Underneath this was a lot of sales from $165 to $190/head for an average run of lambs in the 18kg to 21kg cwt range, with carcass prices varying based on condition and breed quality and if they sold for processing versus restocking. The main run of small store lambs in the 16kg to 18kg cwt range sold from $152 to $178 to average $165 to the paddock, up $7/head on a week ago. Store buying activity was from Bendigo, Ballarat, Swan Hill, Echuca, Wycheproof and Shepparton.

Reduced yarding of sheep following last week's cheaper rates. The heaviest crossbred ewes remained capped at $180 to $200/head with only a couple of exporters operating on this class of sheep. Trade and light sheep were dearer by $10 to $15 at $130 to $170/head across the general run. Very secondary and light ewes down to $90/head