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Wagga Wagga market lacked direction causing a big price spread

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  • Jul 23, 2020
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Yarding - 29,000 (-6520).
Lambs - 22,000 (-8500).
Sheep - 7000 (+1980).

Lamb numbers were lower on the back of this week’s price correction at other selling centres. Quality was excellent over trade and heavy lamb categories, with most lamb’s grain assisted or finished off crop. There were 2,000 new season lambs penned and quality was outstanding. Heavy and extra heavy lamb numbers were similar while lambs over 30kg cwt were not quite as plentiful. Sale yard prices weakened notably due in part to a major processors absent or not operating fully. Competition in the trade market was erratic, with buyers extremely cautious when making purchases. The market lacked direction causing a big price spread over all categories.

New season lambs sold to weak demand resulting in a cheaper trend of $20/head with lambs 22 to 24kg averaged 759c/kg cwt. Generally, old trade lambs eased $20 to $25/head. Lambs, 21 to 24 kg cwt, sold from $153 to $189/head, with the bulk averaging 716c/kg cwt. Merinotrade lambs sold to a small group of buyers and all categories sold to weak competition to average 638c/kg cwt.

There were the usual export buyers at the rail along with some domestic processor competition occasionally. Competition was patchy over all weight categories. Lambs, 26 to 30kg, sold $31 cheaper making from $166 to $182/head to average 668c/kg cwt. Lambs weighing over 30kgcwt declined $26 selling from $177 to $220/head, averaging 567c/kg cwt.

It was another good quality yarding of mutton, with heavy sheep well supplied. Heavy ewes sold to a small group of active buyers which contributed to a price correction of $26 to $41/head to average 533c/kg cwt. Heavy wethers averaged 508c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were limited making from 530c to 572c/kg cwt