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WA Sheep Expo and Ram Sale result

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  • Aug 24, 2020
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Sale top at the WA Sheep Expo & Ram Sale  - East Mundalla M60280 knocked down for $33,000 to Belka Valley Poll Merinos, Bruce Rock WA and semen shares to Eastville Park & Quailerup West Merino and Poll Merino  & Greenfields Merino Studs, Hallett SA.

Overall 15/20 rams sold av. $9347.

Rhamily Poll Merinos sold 3/3 rams av. $6933.

Barloo Stud sold 2/2 rams av. $12,000.

Rangeview Merino and Poll Merino Stud sold 2/4 rams av. $2750.

Seymour Park Poll Merino Stud sold 1/2 for $11,200.

Claypans Poll Merinos sold 2/2 av. $5000.

Darijon Poll Merinos sold 1/1 ram for $10,200.

East Mundalla sold 1/2 rams for $33,000.

Kamballie Merinos sold 1/1 ram for $10,500.

Willoo Merinos sold 1/1 ram for $5000.

Woolkabin Merino Stud sold 1/1 ram for $10,000.

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