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Up then down at Bendigo

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Yarding - 16,600 (+600)
Lambs - 12,950 (+1950)
Sheep - 3450 (-1350)

After a promising start with dearer price trends for lambs, the market eased dramatically mid-way through the auction where there was sales cheaper than a week ago. The erratic bidding caused varied price results over the 12,950 head yarding, ranging from $5 cheaper through to $5/head dearer over processing stock. A more consistent stronger price trend was seen over lighter lambs as they recovered some of last Monday's losses. Lamb quality was mixed, with genuine trade weights in short supply against heavier stock. More Merino lambs were offered. A couple of domestic buyers were absent, while many exporters again operated at reduced capacity.

The heaviest export lambs over 30kg cwt sold from $220 to a top of $285 to average around $250/head. Pens of heavy 26-30kg cwt lamb suffered some of the biggest discounting when buyer demand dropped away mid-sale, selling from $190 to $230 to average around $213/head. Long-woolled first-cross style lambs in the 27-30kg range were the most affected by the erratic bidding. Well finished trade- weight lambs were in limited supply, and the best of the short skinned types from 22-26kg sold the best at $185 to $212/head to record some of the highest carcass averages of 760c to 780c/kg cwt. The supply of lightweight lambs was reduced following last week's much cheaper results, which helped improved prices to between $125 to $165/head for the better bred and framed types.

More Merino lambs appeared with the heavy trades from $160 to $182, and allowing for skin values for at up to $20/head, worked out at an estimated 630c to 650c/kg cwt. Lighter Merino lambs suiting MK processing orders were valued closer to 700c/kg cwt.

Just 3450 sheep were yarded. Competition did lift a times and good mutton was firm to dearer at an estimated 520c to 620c/kg cwt over most ewes. Some young Merino wethers sold strongly. Big Merino ewes $180 to $218; middle run of mutton $135 to $175; light sheep mostly $80 to $120/head in a dearer result.