Farm Tender

Up and down market at Ballarat

Yarding - 40,611

Agents drew for 30,000 lambs, the quality was plain to excellent with all weights and grades offered, all the buyers were present in a market $3 to $12 either side of firm. Light and medium trade lambs sold $3 to $5 stronger, heavy trade were firm to $3 softer. Heavy export sold to $5 cheaper and extra heavy lambs sold to a top of $270/head to be up to $12 easier, the yarding didn’t present the weight of last week’s extra heavy lambs. Store lambs were in demand again this week with lambs back to the paddock making from $131 to $179 for under 18kg and $162 to $188/head for over 18kg cwt holding firm to a few dollars dearer. Lambs to suit MK orders sold from $119 to $161/head.

Lambs to the trade 18 to 22kg sold from $162 to $190, 22 to 24kg, made from $184 to $201/head to range from 768c to 879c to average 805c to 860c/kg cwt. Lambs 24 to 26kg selling from $195 to $214/head, to average 790c to 800c/kg cwt. Export 4 score 26 to 30kg lambs, sold from $204 to $232 to average 765c to 775c and over 30kg sold from $227 to $270/head to average an estimated 725c/kg cwt. Merino lambs over 16kg sold from $146 to $180/head.

Numbers increased for the sheep sale to 10,300, all the usual buyers were present. The quality of the yarding was plainer to the previous week. Merino wethers made from $180 to $210, with lighter weights sold from $127 to $174/head to average 665c to 680c/kg cwt. Heavy Merino ewes sold from $160 to $200 to average 640c to 660c and heavy crossbred ewes made $154 to $220/head averaging 620c to 640c/kg cwt.

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