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Unlocking Ag - We profile Trent Carter

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  • May 13, 2020
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DelayPay and Farm Tender chat to mixed and stud farmer Trent Carter about how he keeps moving the family farming business forward.

Trent is not your everyday farmer.

Although he grew up on the family property learning the ropes from his old man on what it takes to lead in the merino industry for wool quality genetics, he was fast ahead of where most were by the age of 20, especially when it came to the nuts and bolts of business.

"The best way to do it in any business is to make sure you’re getting a rate of return," says Trent.

"Have a plan going forward, the mindset to change the plan and go with the seasons and the markets. Do that, and you're always going forward."

Trent is no stranger to pushing boundaries. He puts his forward thinking and can-do attitude back to his early experience off farm.

Having worked on a vast range of properties, with varied enterprises, climates, management systems & goals. Allowed me to build a business toolbox filled with all sorts of tools that have helped me develop a greater understanding of the business we call farming!  

"Marcus Olden College was a key link for me in thinking differently. You gain exposure across a broad range of ag industries: banking, corporate, intensive farming, the lot. I have mates for life through that shared experience. I can pick their brains and they're people I push and test boundaries with."

After leaving the family stud to experience other elements of the industry, he returned to his home in Wallaloo Park and is “back in full swing.”

With a relentless drive to add value and test new ideas Trent’s focus is on utilising the latest technology to enhance genetic gain, through both ASBV’s and stringent visual classing.

The business has led the country for top merino genetics for high quality wool for decades, recently strongly focusing on meeting the specs for sought after carcass traits, aiming to value add to the already, proven genetics.

There is no such thing as standing still or looking back for Trent. Only forward!

"We're going over 3000 hectares of country, 2000 hectares of cash crops, a lot of annual grasses, fodder production and so on," says Trent.

"I’m pushing and expanding the asset base of the business... anyone who doesn’t have an overdraft isn't pushing hard enough," and adds "if you're still doing what you did five years ago, you're not progressive & moving forward."

Trent is a go-getter and always sees the glass half full.

"In every downturn there’s always an opportunity", he says.

Planning ahead is a habit of his, always on the lookout for how he can do things better.

He highlights that data collection and data driven decision making, smart adoption of technology and being ahead of what customer wants are factors that play a key part in positioning Wallaloo Park for success.

Trent feels grateful for the opportunities the ag industry has unlocked for himself and his family business.

"There’s a lot of technology out there now to help enhance decisions, improve the businesses efficiency, but most of all the bottom line.

Profit - I’m very much of the mindset that what you take out, you have to put back in."

"Don't second guess yourself, back yourself, go for it. As long you have done the planning and preparation, go for it."

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