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Tough market at Ballarat this week

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
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  • Jun 30, 2020
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Yarding - 21,151 (+659).
Lambs - 16,495 (-543).
Sheep - 4656 (+1202).

16,500 lambs of plain to good quality, not all the usual buying ground were present, those that attended were not operating fully in a much softer market to be $15 to $25 cheaper across all trade weight, and heavy export lambs were up to $40/head cheaper in places.

The block of lambs back to paddock sold from $139 to $175, back $15/head. Light lambs suiting MK orders sold from $122 to $170/head.Trade lambs, 18 to 22kg, sold from $157 to $185/head. Lambs, 22 to 24kg, sold from $159 to $198/head, ranging from 691c to 839c to average around 800c to 820c/kg cwt. 4 score lambs, 24 to 26kg, sold from $185 to $208/head, ranging from 719c to 812c/kg cwt. Heavy, 26to 30kg, lambs sold from $191 to $227/head and over 30kg lambs sold from $210 to $246/head. Merino lambs over 18kg sold from $138 to$187/head.

4,600 sheep, the quality was mostly plain, with not all the buying group attended or operating fully in a softer market to be around $10 to $15/head back on last weeks levels. Light weight sheep sold from $85 to $130/head. Medium weight sheep sold from $104 to $170/head.Heavy sheep, 24 to 30kg, sold from $136 to $181/head and over 30kg types sold from $174 to $200/head. Heavy Merino ewes averaged 610c and heavy crossbred ewes averaged 550c/kg cwt. Medium weight Merino wethers sold from $152 to $170/head to average around 615c/kg cwt. Merino rams sold to $90 and crossbred rams sold to $114/head.